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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kate copied this dress from 2003 (Before william and kate started dating)

Looks like Kate has no style at all! On the internet, (as we search for polo )we found this photo from 2003--->

Now what is interesting about that dress??? that girl in the second photo (with jacket covering) attended a polo event back in 2003. She bought the dress in the states while Kate Middleton (girl on left/first photo) probably bought that dress in England. Now the girls probably met but not in 2003. Because according to celebsareannoying sources, Prince William did not play polo that day. He was there watching, but he was there with another girl. Not Kate. So where did Kate come up with that dress? She must have been searching the internet, or maybe she saw that picture with the girl in the jacket's dress and thought "if that girl wore it for polo, then I should probably do it" because we all know Kate doesn't have a job and she cares a lot about clothes. We will try to get a quote from that girl with the jacket soon. She has a website! We will email her and wait for her reply.. stay tuned.....