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Thursday, June 15, 2006

the world's most boring person in the world award goes to...Kate Middleton!!

What do we know about this girl except she is the 'girlfriend' of Prince William. But is she really? Could she be a cover-up girlfiend for William? We may never know. Nor do we care. At least I don't.

But we do know this. She attended university at St. Andrews---oh the same uni as Prince William.

She is boring. "zzzzzzzzz" she has no personality according to 'inside sources'. Some of the British public loves her but why? She doesn't do anything except go shopping. That is what the press takes photos of! She has no fashion sense.

She goes out to clubs and wears pointy shoes (no offense but that style went out a few years ago).

And the sad part is she looks like she is seriously getting thinner with every photo. Girl, eat. Don't become like Kate Moss. We don't need another one in the world.

She needs to have a 'real' job. And if the press picked up on that, would people love her more? Who knows.

Does anyone think that Prince William and Kate are still together? I doubt it. Maybe they are good friends. Come on, he is a prince. He does just what every prince has done in history---sleep sorry. shag many girls. No one knows the exact number about the girls he has slept with. I am sure it is quite a lot and even if he is 'going out' with Kate Middleton, I doubt he is keeping his pants up for her. I would bet 1 million dollars he is sleeping around with other ladies. And the sad part is in years to come, we will see headlines "I slept with Prince William 5 years ago and we had a child together" just like some royalty ::cough:: Princess Grace's son... who has fathered how many children now?
Here is a word of advice from a 'yah'... Kate get a job. Seriously. It will make you feel good. Don't shop as much. It makes you look like Paris Hilton and we know the world doesn't like Paris Hilton. Don't become like her. Be yourself and be less boring. Also EAT FOOD! Should I send some protein shakes to you? That will be good.


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