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Thursday, June 15, 2006

umm. exist or no exist? and number 2???

Reports from baby number 2 (click on link, go ahead, I dare ya)

they say that The Holmes-Curise are ready for baby number 2. Where is baby number one?!?! Does she/it/alien exist?

I think they found the baby from some distant planet and named it xvierdaloenadlfkj; (ok good name) and shortened it to suri. why not?

And I remember as a child growing up that Tom Cruise couldn't get women preggers. He was sterl. What happened to that report?? hmm.. yeah.. anyway, my point exactly. Me thinks that Tolmes hired a random dude to donate something 'precious' to make Katie preggers. That can make sense. But why is she with him again? ooh right. She had a crush on him. and the fact he is TOM CRUISE (Girls scream "WE LOVE TOM"!) good we got that out of our system. phew. I used to like Tom especially when he was with Nic K. But they are divorced and he is just ..well.. STRANGE and worships a 'reigion' that was made up by some writer. Hey! I figured it out. I will create my own religion. People will follow me. Oh wow. Why didn't I think of that before?? oh and i will charge them to join MY religion. Wow! I will be the next 'Bill Gates' of religion!

If some random dude can do it, anyone. I will call it ' celebs are annoying' religion. anyone want to join?


Blogger el NiƱo said...

i'm not sure i wolud join your religion but your posts are brilliant!!! katie and tom are pathetic.

6:59 AM  

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