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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ultra Cool Chick!

Does anyone know her? Those who pay attention to royalty know who she is. She is the talk of the royal boards mostly because she is 'Chelsy Davy' or better known as 'Prince Harry's girlfriend'.

I did write a post about the 'world's most boring award goes to Kate Middleton' because that was freakn' true! She does nothing but what about Chelsy Davy? The 'press' has more news about her than Kate. Why? Because Chelsy is interesting! she goes skydiving! She actually likes sports and doesn't pretend to like 'polo' unlike the most boring person ahem.. kate middleton!

She is a cool chick and probably would be fun to hang out. Why doesn't the press write more positive things about her? At least she eats AND has more brians than Paris Hilton.

She is the perfect match for Prince Harry.....

Harry keep lovin' Chelsy. People seem to love her. Have fun. Keep on truckin'
Dirty Harry (is the name of the song): *this is for you Harry*

And this song just rocks:



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