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Friday, June 16, 2006

So what? royalty is is just like everyone else when it comes to drinking!

I am not trying to promote drinkng. Although I have been at parties and yes I have drank a lot (more than I should), but the ironry of it is that I have never experienced a proper 'hang over'.

Look, they are people. They don't have the best of friends and yes sometimes their friends takes advantage of them (I wish they would realise it).

But since they are 'celebs' status, they get put into the paper "HARRY THE HANGOVER" SO WHAT? What about William? Shouldn't the title be called "Harry and Wills hung over from vodka and cider". I have been to parties with them there. They can hold their drink, quite well. Although there were some girls that were better at holding their drink more than the royals but still, they drank!
But it does serve them right. They had an 'event' to go to. Oh what about Miss Queen of 'zzzzz' yes I am talking about KATE 'I love to shop and I have no life' Middleton. I hear she was there. Inside sources says she didn't eat a thing all day and news sources says she doesn't 'fuss about/with fashion' obviously. I don't get. What the hell does she shop for ??? She has no fashion sense. Although I am not one to talk but if I was being photographed all the time, I wouldn't wear the same thing within the same week!

and she left in a different taxi. Oooh ... that is telling me more information. They must be 'friends' the "relationship" must just be a friendship with 'benefits'? ha ha ha. And newsflash: She is NOT stunning! Why does the press use that word? She is freakn' thing! Why don't they write about how thin she is or how she doesn't work? Geez. in the 70s and before that, they had to write that sort of thing. Kate, I said before, eat a cookie. no eat a box of cookies, eat McDonald's for a week JUST GAIN WEIGHT! you are like a twig (I am thin as well but the difference is, I eat food!)


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