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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Paris Hilton!! UGH!!

There is one person I can't stand in the world and that is Paris Hilton. I have nothing against the 'Hilton Hotels' except some of them do need a make-over but other than that, they are tops!!!

Now this is what bothers me. She has all the money in the world. She models, she ::coughs:: ::coughs:: acts and now she SINGS?!?!?!

She gets money to go to clubs (which hell, if I was getting paid to go to clubs--just 20 min. of my life, I would never work my 9-5 office job)

But now she has a song out. I am sure EVERYONE has seen the music video--
and it gets stuck in your head!! I mean I used to hate Britney Spears's music because the woman can't sing but since Paris has started to sing, she made Britney sound like a goddess. I now have new respect for Britney Spears's music (music not marriage)
So I have figured it out. If Paris can ::cough cough:: sing, why can't I? Hell, anyone can sing. So, folks if you sing in the shower, you might as well go and make a recording of it because it will sure be a hit on the radio (and less annoying than Paris Hiton!)

Also, the women has a lot of money in this world.. and what does she do best? Shopping. Because of her, I hate shopping. I used to love it but when she shops, I realize I can't afford Gucci and such. I wish I could but then again, I would be putting my money to better usage.... heping people out. But that is me.

And if you aren't annoyed enough here you go:


Blogger Hasser von Tausenden said...

She must have had amazing producers, the song is crap, the voice sucks, the video stinks but someone made it sound like any other pop-trash that comes out these days.

5:58 AM  

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