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Friday, June 16, 2006

omg let's suck up to Paris Hilton.. omg! like totally awesome! ha ha

"omg you look cute in that." SUCK UPS! Who cares? I do not like this outfit. Come on she can dress better than that. Oh maybe not. At least she is covered up a bit more than usual. How about "I am too shy to talk about sex to my mother baby" however, I am sure (sad to say) that her mother has seen or at least known about Paris's little tape. Hell, even I know about it and I haven't seen it. So she is def. not shy.

ok how can we suck up more?

Oh ok how about Britney. Let's talk about fashion with Ms. Hilton (ook..dumb idea)

"I like Britney's music. I think she could have dressed much cutier" You know I hate to say this Paris, but I agree with you on that. But maybe the interview was short noticed? Or maybe Britney wanted to dress a little 'country'. But you are not one to talk Ms. I show off everything I've got but hell, I am a role model (yeah right... thats soo 'not hot')

So here you have it. A video about sucking up to Paris Hilton:

If you are wondering what I am talking about (as if you didnt' know) here is the video:


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