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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Madonna turned down some money for pure crap. Go Madonna!

according to , it says "Madonna turned down £2 million to promote a new diet and sex pill. Go Madonna! But the funny part is on the itv.com's website it is quoted

"Unsurprisingly, the firm behind the pill were less than impressed.
"We thought it wasn't bad for 10 minutes' work,” jibed James Dixon. "But it was deemed too raunchy for her new lady-of-the-manor image.
"It seems basques and crucifixions are OK but talking about her sex life isn't"

Ooooooooooook. So she turned down something she didn't believe in. Hello does a get-rich-gimmick mean anything? Sometimes people turn down things because they are totally BULL-SH**! Most of the things that the 'celebs' make Ads for, don't really work. People buy it because some celeb is in the ad or had promoted it. Honestly, it is kind of dumb. Just like a week ago, I received an AD that Fergie the 'Duchess of York' is making jewelry. Yeah selling it at Macy's. I support the woman. She is a hard working person but will I spend money on her jewelry when she already has money??? uhh. NO! I don't have a lot of money to start with. I did with my family but when I became an 'Adult' I was cut off, I had to actually go at it on my own. And I should. I hate superficial people. Yes, I will admit, I was one of them but I also learned the harsh reality of things that hey, life is hard and it should be. I am tired of people going into clubs ..ahem. Paris Hilton who gets paid some amount of money to get into a club just to show up 'I am Paris Hilton'. I wish people would pay me every time I went into some shops! Wouldn't that be nice? Then I could be a rich as Paris and live my wonderful life doing nothing. No, I want to make a lot of money, who doesn't? So I guess I will have to plant money in some soil and hopefully it will grow! oh yeah I tried that once when I was 6. I think I put the wrong type of money in the soil because I am still waiting for it to grow!

And by-the-way, James Dixon, she is an artist. I love the song 'like a prayer' but it is Madonna and she is smart to say that she will not promote total CRAP! Why don't you make an AD that says that the stuff really works. How about real proof without using actors. Why don't you use that stuff on you?


Blogger Hasser von Tausenden said...

And still... Madonna can't sing and she's way to old to dance in bathing suits!

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