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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kids don't do drugs.

Kate Moss (on the right) won't go to jail. Suprise. suprise. She did drugs but why isn't she setting an example for her actions? some people look up to her (well the 'youth') and yes she has said she was 'sorry' but did she really mean it? Has she really stopped? Well according to the hollywood 'cover-ups' probably not. But it is yes in the hollywood - people magazine type!

This is what I totally don't get. There are a lot of celebs that grace the cover of 'teen magazines', etc.. BUT they are not 'goodie' people. They are not good 'role models'. What about Mrs. Clinton? How about the late Princess Diana who did a lot of good.. those are role models. What happened to being : SMART! Oh right! ::bangs head on table:: being smart today means 'no guy will like you' (kidding).

seroiusly I remember back in the early 90s, when I was like 13 or 14 at the time, I remember the "YM" magazine had an article "how to get a boy to like you" and one of the methods used / sad was "act stupid. Boys like that". So I did that. Did I get a boyfriend? nope. But a year later I read in another teen magazine "Boys like it when girls act smart" and YES THAT IS TRUE!
People, never act stuipd. Always act smart. These 'models/actresses' are not the best role models... however, yes there are some good ones... and I promise folks I will jot them down when I think of them.
But girls,if you want a boy to like you, BE YOURSELF. DO NOT CHANGE FOR ANYONE! If you want to change, change for yourself and no one else. I changed my hair colour and I feel better does that mean I changed for other people? nope.


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