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Friday, June 16, 2006

"Hit me baby one more time" ---Britney Spears...

I saw the 'must see Britney Spears' interview last night. Let me tell you, the fist thing came to my mind was "you are preggers for god's sake. cover your tits up' or at least sit up proper like you are a 'superstar' and not a 'wealthy-white trash' person which is what you are acting. I know it hurts Britney but if you want the 'press' to back off you have to act, dress and think like a 'normal' person. But I forgot, you are 'Miss Britney Spears!' . Congrats on having a Manny/Baby and a white-trash hubby. Sure, he is pulling his 'own weight' but I am sure you are helping him out a bit with the "$$$" bit.
I don't know your hubby personally but if the dude is going out partying and I bet you a million dollars flirting with other women, I am sure he isn't being totally faithful. No matter how much you love him. Hell, he could love you but what is love? I had a friend who were married for a few years. The guy loved his wife but he also went out partying and flirted with other women. No long after she found out, they divorced. Enough said.
And don't give me that "I didn't know he got another woman preggers" Come on. Yeah men MIGHT forget to tell that important info. but hello it was in the press and I am sure your mama said "Baby, oops you did it again! You found a male-whore type of person. Get away from him no matter how nice he is to you since he got another woman preggers".
Now if it was me, and I found out that info, I would be thinking "this dude is not a good father to his current children. I don't care if he 'grew apart' from his preggers wife. He should have been helping out from the start maybe find his other woman another man, I don't know!! But girlie, I don't like K-Fed. Most of the world doesn't. But I guess there is something you like about him that we don't get--care to share with the rest of the world what his secret is?

Now, I will be honest. I HATED your music. Mostly because it got stuck in my head "oops I did it again" and "hit me baby one more time". I beleive at that time, I was more of an 'XTINA' fan. However, my thoughts have changed. Yes I can honestly say I like SOME of your songs. More than the skank Paris Hilton (WHO IS NOT A GOOD ROLE MODEL FOR KIDS!).

Kudos to your baby clothing line. I hope it all works out. But word of advice, next time you do an interview, please, please, cover up. I know some men like it but you are showing yourself to the world, kids see you. (Belive me, teens in the mall--11 and up are dressing like 'paris hilton' wannabes. Its not cool. They need good role models. You could be a good role model if you dressed better and not chew gum while giving an interview)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha you caught on to the gum thing too !! What was up with her right eye liner mess during the whole interview i was laughing at her thinking hmm she looks like she needs a friend to talk to. i feel sorry for her. Makes me happy i'm not a celeb, I have money and i'm normal. Sux for you Brit.

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